Career as a life coach

Top Benefits of Becoming a Life Coach

A life coach is someone who has mastered the basic principles needed for a successful life. They then opt to share these principles by helping people apply them to their own lives. There are many advantages to becoming a life coach, and helping others gain understanding is just one of them. Read on to find out how a career in life coaching may benefit you.

1. Career Flexibility

Many of us dream of being our own boss with flexible work hours and doing something we enjoy. But for only a select chosen, this dream becomes a reality. If you want to set your own hours and love what you do, a career as a lifestyle coach might be for you. 

2. Helping Others Overcome Challenges

There are various types of life coaches. Career coaches help executives find ways to run their business successfully, while others can help you transition into a new career. Personal life coaches can help people determine a life vision and assist them in implementing the right strategies to attain it. Relationship coaches can help you build lasting relationships with family, friends, coworkers or a life partner. In short, a life coach enables their clients to be the best version of themselves. Here’s how:


  • Enhance communication skills – For your client to heal, they need to talk about the things that happened in their life. 
  • Teach new coping skills – Not everyone knows how to cope with difficult situations and major setbacks. As a life coach, you can enlighten your clients and teach them how to address their emotions and thinking to speed up the healing process. 
  • Give the courage and motivation they need – You will be your clients’ biggest supporter. You will encourage and support them, which will enable them to make it through to the other side. 

3. Personal Growth

Many people turn to life coaching because they value personal growth. More often than not, helping others with challenges similar to the ones you’ve already overcome, can lead to personal growth and teach you things about yourself you might not have known otherwise. 

How Life Coaching Works

In a typical coaching session, the life coach will ask you questions and use other perspective-challenging and reflective techniques to shed light on your situation. A life coach will not tell you what to do but simply increase self-awareness and confidence while guiding you to clarify your goals. The commitment comes from you to identify the way forward.

How to Become a Life Coach

Life coaching is a popular career field due to the heightened need for support and guidance from qualified life coaches, and of course, the potential for excellent financial reward.


There are many life coaching courses available in South Africa that range from two years to six in duration. If you’re serious about becoming a life coach, take the leap and start your studies today!