damp proofing professional

The importance of getting professionals involved to stop damp problems

Damp and mold can be a huge problem in homes. If you don’t know the signs of dampness or if you’re not sure what to do about it, then it could end up costing you more than just money. It could cost your health too.


Damp problems often start small – one drop of water here, three days without turning on the heat there. But before long, they can lead to serious health issues like asthma, chronic bronchitis, and pneumonia. And while these diseases are common among people with compromised immune systems or respiratory conditions, they can happen to anyone who suffers from persistent dampness in their home environment-which is why it’s important for everyone to take notice of any potential warning signs that may indicate a mold problem is underway.

Dampness can be caused by several different factors, which is why it’s important to take note of the warning signs so you know when to look for a professional to help stop damp problems before they start.

The most common causes of damp are condensation, leaks, and flooding. Condensation happens when water vapor builds up in your home for an extended period of time. When that happens, the moisture ends up on surfaces like windows or walls as tiny droplets-you’ve seen this if you’ve ever noticed water droplets on your windows during winter months after coming inside from being out in cold weather for some time.

Leaks occur when anything from a pipe to a window fails due to age or weather conditions, and allow water to enter the home. And flooding can happen as the result of storms or broken pipes, among other things.

Damp problems can lead to major health issues-between 10 and 15 million people are sickened by air pollutants caused by rot or mold each year, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). So it’s important for everyone to know what the warning signs of dampness are so they can get professional help before things become worse than you ever imagined.

People with existing respiratory conditions also run the risk of making their condition worse if exposed to water damage or mold growth that may develop due to dampness in your home environment.

And while you may not have any visible sign of mold growing on surfaces, it could still be there – hidden behind walls or ceilings, under floorboards, or in crawlspaces. So if you’re at all concerned that you may have a damp problem in your home, don’t hesitate to call the damp proofing professionals for help. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you think you may have a damp problem in your home, it’s important to take action right away. Ignoring the issue will only make it worse not to mention increase the likelihood of developing health problems down the road. So what can you do?

The best course of action is to get professionals involved who can help identify the source of the dampness and work to fix it. This may include installing vents and fans, fixing leaks, waterproofing basements or crawlspaces, and more. It’s also important to keep an eye on any repairs that are made, as they may need to be touched up in the future.