save with solar panels

Can You Really Save Money by Switching to Solar Panels?

When so many investment opportunities claim to save you tons of money, it’s easy to be skeptical about new products. There’s no denying that solar panels are a relatively new concept, however reducing your electricity costs is a sure way to save money. It is important to factor in the daily amount of sunlight, the angle and size of the roof in addition to the electricity rates in your area.


Calculating your current electricity costs on an annual basis is the first step. The price of electricity in South Africa has risen rapidly in recent years, and if that’s any indication of what is still to come, we can expect more volatile increases in the coming years. Since solar energy prices will never increase, utility rate increases are a bonus for solar users. 


By generating your own energy source with a rooftop PV solar system, you are in control. Solar panel installation only requires upfront investment expenses, as well as any electric bills you may incur if the panels do not cover your entire electricity consumption. Your PV system’s size will be dependent on the size of your roof. Solar panels in South Africa are extremely powerful, which is why you should hire professionals to install them. 


Money is one of the biggest incentives for investing in solar panels, but it isn’t the only one. The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions will also protect the environment. 

Benefits of Solar Power

Delivers Reliable Energy

Sunrise and sunset are the only predictable events of the day. Everyone knows when they’ll happen each day. The amount of sunlight expected in different locations can be relatively accurately forecasted, despite cloudiness being less predictable. This makes solar power an extremely reliable energy source. 


Increases the value of your home

With solar panels, you can reduce your reliance on fossil fuels while generating pure energy from the sun. You can reduce, if not eliminate, your electricity bills. Statistics show that solar-powered homes are more valuable. In most cases, the upfront investment is equal to the price increase on your home.   

Slows the pace of global warming

Global warming poses a serious threat to humanity. Through decades of research, scientists have found ways to produce electricity without causing pollution. Solar energy is an essential part of the solution to global warming. 

Creates a better tomorrow

Solar power will soon be cheaper than transmitting energy from traditional sources. It makes more sense to build solar storage facilities wherever electricity is needed and to eliminate fossil fuels quickly. 


Whether you would like to save money or become more environmentally friendly, a PV Solar system can generate significant savings for homeowners and businesses.