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Aluminium Blinds Are Perfect for Humid Areas: Here’s Why

Winter is synonymous with condensation, no matter where you live. Condensation is what happens when the warm moisture in the air comes into contact with a cold surface, for example, a window. This moisture then turns into liquid droplets, which can damage your window coverings. 


The only way to rid your home of condensation is to ensure adequate ventilation or reduce the moisture in the air. Unfortunately, when using a gas heater to warm up your home, around 0.5 litres of moisture is released into the air every hour. While cooking or taking a shower, you also release a lot of moisture so it can be really difficult to manage the moisture content. Another option is to install a dehumidifier, but that will set you back a pretty penny. 

Protecting Your Blinds from Water Damage 


Start by installing the right type of blind. Aluminum blinds are the best option for humid spaces like bathrooms and kitchens since they are extremely resistant to water. They won’t lose their form like wooden blinds that swell when they come into contact with water or, and stay wet for longer periods like fabric blinds. This will only invite mould growth, and then you’ll have another bigger problem to deal with. 


In the past few years, aluminum blinds have evolved significantly. What started as basic metal blinds have been upgraded to new and more fashionable versions. They are available in hundreds of different colours, from white to metallic silver, allowing you to find one that perfectly suits your home decor. Some options include decorative tapes to make them even more stylish.


Aluminum blinds are one of the most affordable blind types available. If you’re on a budget, this is a plus. However, they are not just cost-effective; they also offer a variety of benefits.


Aluminum blinds are durable and should last a good few years, thus saving you money in the long run. They are also available in various colours to match your unique style. 


If you’re looking for a blind that will stay beautiful for many years without compensating for aesthetics or breaking the budget, then aluminum blinds might be the perfect solution for you. 


Despite all their benefits, aluminum blinds do have their shortcomings, and it wouldn’t be fair not to be 100% transparent and disclose them. Aluminum blinds can be noisy at the window because they are metal. They tend to collect dust if not cleaned regularly, which is most evident on darker blinds. If you’re looking for a ‘soft’ window treatment, aluminum blinds won’t do. You might want to consider fabric blinds instead. 


Aluminum blinds offer a versatile and affordable window covering for both modern and traditional spaces. For the best deals on aluminum blinds, get in touch with your local blinds installer today.